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2009 November 22, SKUSA SuperNationals XIII

Jeff Littrell S4 #95

Jeff Littrell of the Pulp Racing team won S4 again with his DDR powered Tony Kart.  Jeff became only the third driver in history to win three SuperNational titles!


Kyle Wiegand - SNXIII S3 

Kyle Wiegand also had a strong showing in S3 with his DDR powered TopKart.  Contact late in the race kept Wiegand from a podium finish.

More SuperNat XIII photos


October 25, 2009, LAKC Final Race
Bryce Miller

After podium finishes in every race, Bryce Miller finished second place in Championship points for the Spec Honda Shifter Class for 2009.


2009 October 9, So-Cal Sprinters

Gabriel Podboj

Gabriel Podboj finished third in the final race of the 125 shifter class, but this was enough to secure the championship for 2009.  Brother, George Podboj finished second in season points.  Both Gabriel and George used DDR Power, and want to thank Darcy for the fast, reliable DDR power,  and for the help and support throughout the season!


2009 September 27 LAKC Race 8

In race 8 of the 9 race LA Kart Club series Bryce Miller qualified 4th, advanced to 2nd in the heat race, and finished 2nd in the final.  Rob is in second place in points going into the final race.

2009 September 6 Rock Island GP - King of the StreetsKyle Wiegand 

The worlds largest street race! Top Kart driver Kyle Wiegand chose a DDR Honda for his challenge to be the 2009 King of the Streets.  Wiegand came from 5th place in the final to finish second behind Jordan Musser (Rotax Grand National Champion).  Wiegand was closing in, but did not have enough laps to catch Musser!

Thanks also to Billy Conlin for using a DDR TM ICC.

2009 September 5 KRA 13

It is a close battle for the Stock Moto Championship between Eric Batt (DDR Power) and Ron Peterson (2007 KRA ICC Champion).  Peterson edged Eric in qualifying, but Eric took the early lead on the standing start.  After swapping the lead four times, Peterson won the race and now has the season points lead.  Vince Schneider  finished 3rd in his DDR powered Zanardi.

2009 August 29 PKC Race 7 (final round)
Peter Mastro
G1 Class, PP Mastro

Southern California Pro Kart Challenge returned to the CalSpeed Karting facility for the final round of the season.

  • DDR customers Peter Mastro and Roy Montgomery finished first and second, and also locked up the season points in the same order in G1.

    Peter Mastro has been a long time karter and a very loyal customer and friend of mine for many years. Peter has won the PKC G1 Championship again, for the 4th time since PKC began. So far Peter has won 4 out of 5 possible PKC Championship runs. Another outstanding performance from Peter!

    Roy Montgomery has been in karting only a short time, but he has been one of the hardest working drivers out there in PKC. His strong work ethic and his recent association this year with Kimball Williams Racing has really paid off. He has quickly moved from being a beginner to a strong contender in the G1 class.
  • Peter Abba did not run the final event but finished the S1 series in second place with his DDR powered ICC GP kart.

    Peter Abba is a true talent as a driver. Him and his father show up and just make things happen. You give them some power and they just go faster. Peter Abba switched to one of my Spec Hondas for this race and it really paid off. He finished 2nd overall in his first PKC S3 race and I think there is going to be a lot more to come from this guy. What he doesn't have in money Peter really makes up for with his driving.
  • In the popular S3 class, Patrick Cushenberry took pole in the final event, but dropped to third in the final.  Cushenberry finished second in season points in his DDR powered Team Select Top Kart.

    Patrick Cushenberry
    Photo by Tony Leone

    Patrick Cushenberry is another driver very much like Peter Abba.  Not a lot of money but tons of talent and a very fast learner.  He actually qualified on pole and physically finished 2nd in the S3 race but unfortunately was DQ'd for being 2 pounds under weight. It still worked out in the end for him and he finished 2nd over all in the S3 Championship. Patrick is the driver that I think may have the best chance of winning the S3 Championship next season.
  • Rob Whitely locked up 2nd place in season points in S4.  Jeff Bobbitt of 2 Wild Karting has a great year in TaG Masters with his DDR Leopard.  After missing the first two races, he won two races and was a contender for the championship.  He was leading the final race, but had a DNF and finished the season points in second place.

    Both Rob Whitley and Jeff Bobitt have been fast all season and the only thing that has held them back has been some bad luck with crashes and equipment. Once they get things sorted out (they are almost there), I think I'm going to have another couple of Championship guys on my hands. As it is they both finished 2nd in the overall points in their classes.
  • Other drivers to mention on DDR power are Jason Attwood, Team Select, finished 3rd in the S4 spec class in I think his first full year of racing, and Luke Bianco also on DDR Honda power who won the S4 Magnum championship this year.

CONGRATULATIONS, and Thank You to all the DDR drivers and customers in the PKC!  We look forward to supporting you in the future.

2009 July 26 KRA 9
Eric Batt

Sharing Success Racing team driver, Eric Batt continues to lead the points series in the Stock Moto class of the KRA Series with DDR powered Zanardi Kz1.  Eric dominated in Race #7 in the rain.  After his worst qualifying session in KRA #9, Eric came from P6 to win the race and secure his points lead.

2009 July 19, LAKC Race 7

Roy Montgomery
Photo by On Track Promotions
This was a hot one, with 115 degree track temperature at CalSpeed.  Roy Montgomery won the open shifter class with his DDR Power TM ICC.


2009 June 27, PKC Race 6

Santa Maria Kart Track was the site for round 6.

  • Peter Mastro was 2nd in G1.

  • Peter Abba finished 3rd in S1.

  • Patrick Cushenberry of Team Select won a heat race and finished 3rd in the S3 final.

  • Jeff Bobbitt of 2 Wild Karting won TaG Masters with a DDR Parilla Leopard.

2009 June 14, LA Kart Club Race 6

In the S3 class Bryce Miller set fastest practice lap in practice, qualifying and heat race!  Bryce finished 2nd in the final, but had a very good event with his DDR spec Honda. 


2009 May 17, LAKC, Race 5

Bryce Miller finishes second in S3 with his DDR Spec Honda.


2009 May 16, PKC North Vs. South Shootout

Button Willow Raceway Park was the venue for the shootout.

  • Peter Mastro was the fastest kart in G1, but he lost several positions in an incident at the start and had to work through the field.  Peter finished 2nd.

  • Roy Montgomery of Kimball Williams Racing took 3rd in G1.

  • Brendan Phinny took pole in S1 and podiums in both heat races, but had a DNF in the final.

  • Peter Abba finished 3rd in S1 with DDR power.

  • Patrick Cushenberry of Team Select finished 3rd and had fastest lap after a poor start.

2009 April 24-26, Stars of Karting West

The first Stars West Divisional event of 2009 was at Infineon Raceway in Sonoma California.  This was only the second Stars event for DDR customer (and SuperNats winner) Brendon Phinny.  His Team Kartel Top Kart has a DDR Maxter ICC.  Phinny had a strong showing in KZ2 with Pole, and 2nd, 2nd and 1st in Heat Races.  Phinny finished the finals with two second places. 


2009 April 26, LAKC Race 4

Bryce Miller after several podiums, wins the S3 class with DDR Power!


2009 April 25, PKC Race 4

Race 4 was on a temporary track at the Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego.  More DDR Podiums.

  • Peter Mastro took another first place in G1with DDR Power.

  • Roy Montgomery of Kimball Williams Racing took 3rd in G1, and moved to 2nd place in season points with DDR Power.

  • Steve Donia of Kimball Williams Racing was 5th in G1with DDR Power.

  • Peter Abba was 2nd in S1 with DDR power, and maintains the series points lead in S1.

  • Bobby Legate of Team Select finished 2nd in S3 with DDR power, and is now in 3rd place for season points.

  • Vivek Tandon of Kimball Williams Racing was 4th in S3.

  • Rob Whitley of 2 Wild Karting finished 1st in S4 with DDR power, and is in second place in S4 points.

  • Jeff Bobbitt of 2 Wild Karting won TaG Masters with a DDR Parilla Leopard.  Bobbitt also won both heat races for a sweep.  Even though he did not compete in Races 1 and 2, Bobbitt is quickly moving up the season points standings!

  • Jeff Deehan finished 3rd in TaG Masters with a DDR Parilla Leopard.

2009 April 4, KRA 1

2009 KRA 1 

The first race of the season at New Castle Motorsports Park.  DDR power swept the top three positions in the Stock Moto class, as Eric Batt wins his first shifter race.  Eric had only one practice break-in day with his new DDR Stock Moto Zanardi Kz1.  Greg Peters finished 2nd and Vince Schneider was 3rd, both with DDR Stock Moto Zanardi's.


2009 March 28, PKC Race 3

Race 3 was at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley, and entries improved compared to the first two races.  DDR power took several podiums again.

  • Peter Mastro took first place in G1 with DDR power.

  • Roy Montgomery of Kimball Williams Racing took 3rd in G1, and is in second place in the series points.

  • Brad Deshi was 4th in G1.

  • Steve Donia of Kimball Williams Racing was 5th in G1 for a DDR sweep of 4 of the top 5 places!

  • Peter Abba was 2nd in S1 and maintains the lead in series points with DDR power.

  • Patrick Cushenberry of Team Select finished 2nd in S3, and moved to the series points lead with DDR power!

  • Bobby Legate of Team Select finished 3rd in S3 with DDR power.

  • Rob Whitley of 2 Wild Karting finished 4th in S4 with DDR power.

  • Jeff Bobbitt of 2 Wild Karting finished 2nd in TaG Masters with a DDR Parilla Leopard.

2009 March 22, Florida Winter Tour


FWT Podium


The final race weekend took place at the Ocala Grand Prix.  The DDR "built" Honda CR125 Moto of Tim Roberts was ready to take on the ICC shifters.  This moto package also proved to be faster than most the Pro Shifters that shared the same timed practice sessions!  Tim had a podium second place in the Race 5 final, and secured second place in season points. 




2009 February 28, PKC Race 2

Patrick Cushenberry
Patrick Cushenberry, photo by Harley Owen


Race 2 was at Willow Springs, and DDR powered racers to more podium finishes.  DDR powered racers are in the top three series points in G1, S1, S3, and S4! 

  • Jason Campbell finished 2nd in G1, and remains in first place for series points in G1.

  • Peter Abba finished 2nd in S1, and remains in first place for series points in S1.

  • Patrick Cushenberry of Team Select finished 4th in S3, and is in second place for series points in S3.

  • Jason Attwod finished 3rd in S4, and is in forth for series S4 points.

  • Rob Whitley of 2 Wild Karting finished 4th in S4, and is in second place for S4 series points.

2009 February 15, LAKC Race 2

Bryce Miller on a Sodi takes pole.  At the start of the final Bryce was hit and moved to the back of the field, but used his DDR power to move from last to finish 3rd in S3.


2009 January 23-24, PKC Race 1

First race of the Pro Kart Challenge (So Cal) season started early in the year.  DDR powered to 5 podiums!  While some customers had a difficult weekend, overall we had some very good results.

  • Peter Abba won S1 ICC/Moto with DDR Power

  • Patrick Cushenberry of Team Select picked up 3rd in S3 Spec Moto with his  DDR Honda.

  • Jason Cambell won G1 ICC/Moto with DDR Power

  • Brad Dhesi came in 3rd in G1 ICC/Moto with DDR Power

  • Rob Whitley of 2 Wild Karting got 2nd in S4 with DDR Power

2009 January 18, LAKC Race 1

Bryce Miller 

Bryce Miller on a Sodi gets a podium finish in S3 with DDR Power in the first race of the LAKC 2009 season.


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