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SuperNats XIII Photo Gallery of DDR Customers

October 10, San Diego Kart Club Season Championship

Bob Legate 

Bob Legate sealed the season championship in Stock Moto Heavy by winning three of the last four races.  Bob uses a 2001 DDR Spec Moto - with the Power to Win!

October 8-10, Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix

This is one of the most popular karting events in the country, hosted by Lancaster Honda and the City of Lancaster, CA.  The event includes a street festival, cruise-in car show, live music, and a block party!  DDR shifter kart customers brought the power to win, and did exactly that!

  • Spec Moto Light-  1st place for Tandon Vivek of Kimabll Williams Racing
  • Spec Moto Heavy - 1st place for Doug Hayashi of Pulp Racing
  • Open Shifter- 4th place for Roy Montgomery of Kimball Williams Racing

October 2-3, TaG World Championship at NCMP

The Stock Moto class proved be be the largest with 16 racers.  Eric Batt was the sole entry with DDR Power, but he proved to be a serious contender.  Eric took pole in the rain by a margin of three seconds!  Eric finished second in both heat races, but had the fastest lap in second heat race.  Eric lead the most race laps but was passed late in the race by Josh Lane.  Josh had fresh tires as he missed both heat races due to engine troubles (not a DDR).  Eric and his DDR Honda  finished a close second while Derek Crockett was 5 seconds back in third place.

PKC Season Championship


DDR Power dominated the Southern California Pro Kart Challenge (even more than last year).  DDR power won almost every shifter class!

  • S1: 1st - Clinton Schoombee won (Team Select Shifter)
  • S2: 1st - Ryon Beachner (2Wild Karting)
          2nd- Bryce Miller (GPhactory)
          3rd - Vivek Tandon (Kimball Williams Racing)
  • S3: 1st - Jason Attwood (Team Select Shifter)
          2nd - Jessica Sollberger (Team Select Shifter)
  • S4: 1st  - Wayne Mello (Pulp Racing)
          2nd - Jeff Littrell (Pulp Racing)
  • S4 Magnum: 3rd - Larry Metter (Team Select Shifter)
  • S5: 1st - Matias Podboj
  • G1: 1st -  PP "Rockstar" Mastro
          2nd - Roy Montgomery (Kimball Williams Racing)

Congratulations to all our DDR drivers, and thanks for racing DDR power! We look forward to SuperNats in November.

KRA Season Championship

Evan Batt Sweeps the KRA Shifter Class

Evan Batt secures the KRA championship with 11 straight shifter class victories.  Evan piloted a Indiana Racing Services Tony Kart, while his brother took second place on a Zanardi - both with DDR Spec Motos.

Evan's win streak includes a SKUSA Central States Challenge victory and two Great Lakes Pro Series wins.

Aug 15, PKC Race #6 West Coast Shoot Out

Matias Podboj
Matias Podboj locks up the S5 Championship! photo by Tony Leone -sixspeedphotos.com

The Santa Maria track was the venue for the annual North versus South PKC event.

  • S2: Ryon Beachner (2Wild Karting) wins, and Vivek Tandon (Kimball Williams Racing) second place in the final.
  • S3: Jason Attwood (Team Select) wins and Austin Countryman gets second.
  • S4: Phil Conte (Kimball Williams Racing) gets third and Wayne Mello forth.
  • S4 Magnum: Larry Metter got third place.
  • G1: Fernando Dias (Team Aluminos) won with his DDR TM ICC.

July 16-18, SKUSA Summer Nationals at Shawano

Several DDR pilots made the trek to Shawano, Wisconsin to USA International Raceway for the 2010 SKUSA Summer Nationals.  For many of the west coast drivers it was their first trip to this popular venue.  The track proved to be demanding on drivers and equipment as the shifters could easily catch air coming down the the main straight!

Eric Batt gets AIR!
Eric Batt and his Zanardi with all 4 in the air

Complete DDR SummerNats Photo Album (click here)

Clinton Schoombe
Clinton Schoombe in S1

Nic LeDuc battles Jamie McMurray in S1
Nic LeDuc in S1

S1: Clinton Schoombe (Team Select) and Nic LeDuc (Energy) ran DDR Power.  Nic was a late entry as he pieced together the equipment just days before the race.  In the Saturday feature Clinton was running in second place, and LeDuc was running as high as third in the talented field that included NASCAR drivers Jamie McMurray and AJ Allmendinger.

Evan Batt on S2 Podium
Evan Batt  (left) gets second in S2 with DDR Power

S2: Evan Batt (Tony Kart) and Eric Batt (Zanardi) represented DDR Power.  Evan ran at the front pack the entire day Saturday and finished second place in the final.  Sunday Evan was punted and was unable to contend in the final.  Eric was as high as third place Sunday but finished sixth in the Sunday final.

Phil Conti wins S4
Phil Conti Wins S4 with DDR Power

S4: Phil Conti (Kimball Williams Racing) was strong on Saturday as he qualified fifth, and moved forward to win the second heat race and win the final!  Sunday Conti suffered from losing his air filter in the feature for a DNF.

DDR Power Sweeps G1
PP Mastro (Left), Fernando Diaz (Center), and Roy Montgommery (right)

G1:  Fernando Diaz (Aluminos), PP Mastro (CRG), and Roy Montgomery (Kimball Williams Racing) all took their DDR ICC's to the podium, for a DDR 1-2-3 sweep on Saturday!  On Sunday, Mastro won the feature, with Diaz second for a DDR 1-2 finish.

June 29-July 2, IKF Roadrace Grand Nationals

Troy Shooter
Troy Shooter

At Buttonwillow Raceway, long time DDR customer Troy Shooter entered the Grand Nationals after sitting out a couple years!  Troy and his tuner, Ron Murray, proved his modified Honda still has the power to win.  Troy won F125 Limited and Limited Heavy, and came in second in F125.

June 27, KRA #7 - Half Way Through Season

DDR Power and Battmotorsports has dominated the season in the shifter kart class at New Castle and has won every race so far!  Evan is in first place and Eric is second in points. 

June 26, PKC Race #5 Buttonwillow

Another strong performance by DDR in several classes.  DDR engines won S1, S2, S3, S5 and G1!

Clinton Schoombee
photo by Tony Leone -sixspeedphotos.com

  • S1: Clinton Schoombe (Team Select) takes pole and wins every heat and the feature.  Peter Abba third! (podium photo above) 
  • S2: Vivek Tandon (Kimball Williams Racing) wins, Bryce Miller (G-Phactory)gets second.
  • S3: Jason Attwood (Team Select) wins and Jessica Sollberger (Select Shifter) gets 2nd!
  • S4: Doug Hayashi got second, while Steve Donia got 4th in is first PKC S4 race.  Rob Whitley (2 Wild Karting) got fifth.
  • S4 Magnum: Larry Metter got second place.
  • S5: Matias Podboj wins again!
  • G1: PP Mastro dominated and won.  Fernando Dias came in second while Roy Montgomery was forth.

June 13, San Diego Kart Association

At the Qualcomm track, DDR power finished 1-2 in the shifter class as Bobby Legate won and Steve Donia finished 2nd.

May 15-16, SKUSA Central States Challenge

Evan Batt SKUSA CSC2
Evan Batt - Team IRS Tony Kart

Evan Batt on his Indiana Racing Services Tony Kart used his DDR Power to take pole, win both heat races and the Sunday final! Evan also took pole and one a heat race on Saturday, but a racing incident with Crockett and Johnson resulted in a bent tie rod, and third place Saturday finish.  

May 16, San Diego Kart Association

At the APEX track, Paul Guzman used DDR Power in the Stock Moto Light Class.  He qualified off pole, won the heat race and won the final!  Paul now leads the point standings.

May 14-15, PKC Race #4 Streets of Willow

A dominant performance by DDR in nearly all Spec Moto classes!  DDR engines won S1, S2, S3 and were top 3 in S4 until an crash on the last lap!

PKC#4 S1 Podium
photo by Sean Buur -Go Racing Magazine

  • S1: Clinton Schoombe (Select Shifter) wins, and Peter Abba third! (podium photo above) 
  • S2: Vivek Tandon (Kimball Williams Racing) wins, Ryon Beacher (2Wild Karting) gets 2nd, and Billy Musgrave 3rd for a DDR Podium sweep!
  • S3: Jason Attwood (Team Select) wins and Jessica Sollberger (Select Shifter) gets 3rd!
  • S4: DDR was 1, 2, 3 on the last lap until a spin took all three off track!  Only Jeff Littrell was able to recover and get to the podium.
  • S5: Matias Podboj came in second.
  • G1: PP Mastro came in 3rd and Roy Montgomery (Kimball Williams Racing) was 4th.

May 2, KRA Race #3

Brothers Evan and Eric Batt qualified and finished 1-2 in the Stock Moto class, both with DDR power!  Both are proudly wearing DDR logos on their new Speed Race Wear custom suits.

April 25, LAKC Race #3

Billy and Willy Musgrave finish 1-2 on DDR power in Spec Honda.  Bryce Miller did not race this event but remains third in points keeping the top three all DDR customers!

April 16-19, SKUSA Pro Tour Spring Nationals 

Clinton Schoombee
Clinton Schoombee - photo by On Track Promototions

The first race of the new SKUSA Pro Tour was at the Sonoma Infineon Raceway.  CLinton Schoombee (Select Shifter Team) won the Sunday S1 event with DDR power.  Phil Conte (Kimball Williams Racing) used DDR power to get to the podium both Saturday and Sunday in S4.  DDR customer Phil Giebler won TaG both days.

April 18, Great Lakes Pro Race #1

Evan wins GLPS #1
Evan Batt - Team IRS Tony Kart

Evan and Eric Batt both entered the stock moto class of the Great Lakes Pro Series Race 1 at New Castle Motorsports Park.  Evan dominated every session in his new Tony Kart Krypton representing the IRS team!  Eric in his new Zanardi Kz1 qualified second and battled with Ron Peterson all day, but finished second in a photo finish.  DDR power wins again!

2010 April 3, KRA Race #1

The shifter class  was the last to qualify before the rain, and did not race until it cleared (no rain tires needed).  Brothers Evan and Eric Batt qualified 1 and 2.  The first three laps saw numerous lead changes between the top three karts.  Evan won the race, and Eric finished 3rd - both on DDR power.

2010 March 28, PCK Race #3

Peter Abba Wins PKC S1
S1 Class, Peter Abba in his GP Kart with DDR Power

It was another good showing for DDR at the Grange Motor Circuit.

  • S1: Peter Abba won the his first PKC event! 
  • S2: Billy Musgrave won S2, and Bryce Miler finished second!
  • S3: Jason Attwood of Team Select won the class!
  • S4: Willy Musgrave takes his first win of the 2010 season, and Phil Conte finished 2nd (Phil, welcome back to DDR Power)!
  • S5: Matias Podboj came in second.
  • G1: PP Mastro came in second.
  • TaG: Phil Giebler came in second.

2010 March 21, LAKC Race #2

Billy Musgrave wins the Stock Moto, Willy Musgrave was third, and Bryce Miller forth - all on DDR power (three of the top four).

2010 February 27, PCK Race #2
Roy Montgomery G1
G1 class, Roy Montgomery

SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge Southern Cal Race two was at Willow Springs.  It was a cold wet day, but DDR customers won in the majority of classes!

  • S1: Clinton Schoombee of team select won the class! 
  • S2: Vivek Tandon of Kimball Williams Racing finished second.
  • S3: Jason Attwood of Team Select won the class!
  • S4: Jeff Littrell won the class, and Willy Musgrave was second, and Wayne Mello was third - all on DDR power!
  • S5: Matias Podboj won the class!
  • G1: Roy Montgomery won the class, and PP Mastro was second!
  • TaG: Phil Giebler won the class!

2010 January 30, PCK Race #1

Cal Speed Nuovo track hosted the Round 1 of the SKUSA Pro Kart Challenge.  This was the first race under the new ladder of progression S3, S3, and S1 Stock Moto format.

  • S1: Clinton Schoombee of Team Select lead the race, until a crash with a tire barrier!  Peter Abba finished second with DDR Power.
  • S2: Bryce Miller finished second place with DDR Power.
  • S3: Jason Attwood finished second, and Jessica Sollberger in her PCK debut finished fifth.
  • S4: Jeff Littrell finished second and Wayne Mello third.
  • S5: Matias Podboj finished third (and raced TaG Jr).
  • G1: PP Mastro finished second and Roy Montgommery was 4th.  Troy Butts had a gearbox failure with his motor (from a different builder) and swithced to DDR K9B for this race.  He started the final last and moved up to finish fifth!
  • TaG Masters: Jeff Bobbitt finished third with a DDR Leopard.
  • TaG Jr: Matias Padboj finshed forth in this class with a DDR Leoaprd.

2010 January 17, LAKC Race #1
Bryce Miller
Bryce Miller's Sodi Kart


In a solid field of 15 Spec Honda karts, Bryce Miller on a Sodi Kart gets a podium finish, and starts the points season in first place.  Billy Musgrave was 3rd, Rob Whitely 4th, and Willy Musgrave was 5th.  Four of the top five, and over half the Spec Honda field was on DDR power!


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