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Nov 17-20, SuperNats XV

This annual event was again at the popular Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.  Highlights for DDR customers include top ten finishers:

S2: Josh Lane finished 4th with his 2001 DDR.  Pat Cushenberry had pole in his S2 qualifying group and finished 7th.  Matais Podboj finished 8th despite this being his first national race and rookie season in S2... watch for Matais next year!

S4: Peter Mastro was consistently one of the fastest.  He recovered from a challenging start to finished 4th.  Rob Logan was in the top four in his qualifying and most heat races, but had problems in the final and finished 9th, and Roy Montgomery was fast, but crashed out in the final.

Oct 8-9, Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix

In the Pro Shifter class Bobby Legate qualified off pole, and won the opening heat race.  DDR teammates with Select Shifter, Bobby Legate and Clinton Schoombee were running 2nd and 3rd in the final, but made contact with each other midway through the race ruining their opportunity for podium finishes!

In the S4 class PP Mastro finished 3rd, and Doug Hayashi finished 4th.

Oct 8 TaG World Finals - Stock Moto

TaG World Finals Stock Moto

DDR 2001 Power took pole and led every race lap of the Stock Moto class, which was the largest and most competitive class of the event.  Josh Lane and Eric Batt both recently upgraded to DDR 2001 cylinders and dominated the event.  Lane took pole with Eric second.  Batt however got the jump into the first turn and lead every lap of the pre-final and feature races!  Lane finished second and Evan Batt came from the back row to finish forth - for a DDR 1st, 2nd and 4th! 

August 13, PKC West Coast Shoot Out

The Annual North versus South at Button Willow wrapped up the PKC season.

  • S1: Clinton Schoombee (Select Shifter) finished 3nd and Peter Abba finished 4th.
  • S2: Bobby Legate won S2.
  • S3: Vatche Tatikian finished 3rd Phil Geibler Racing Alanso Kart.
  • S4: PP Mastro finished 4th.

July 23-24 SKUSA CSC and GLPS

Eric Batt wins SKUSA CSC Race

The SKUSA Central States Challenge combined with the Great Lakes Pro Series for this weekend at New Castle Motorsports Park.  DDR driver Eric Batt made it to the podium (third in S2 and overall) on Saturday and was first place (in S2 and overall) on Sunday. 

July 17-18, SKUSA Pro Tour SummerNationals

Grand Junction Motor Speedway in Colorado hosted the 2011 SummerNationals.  Weather, wind and dust was an issue again (similar to the SpringNationals in Arizona.  Being a long haul for both the west coast and Midwest customers, not many DDR racers attended, yet there were still several DDR podiums.

  • S1:  Saturday Clinton Schoombee (Select Shifter)  finished 2nd and Ryon Beachner (2Wild Karting)finished 4th.  On Sunday, Ryon repeated his 4th place finished, and Schoombee was in a crash and did not finish.
  • S2: Patrick Cushenberry (Kimball Williams Racing) had not raced since Spring and ran very solid for a second place finish on Saturday!  Cushenberry looked good on Sunday despite a challenging qualifying session, and finished 4th.
  • S4: Scott Rister (Tony Kart Texas) - a road racer that has not races sprint races in years - finished 4th with his 2001 DDR Honda. Roy Montgomery race strong but suffered a flat tire in the Saturday final.  On Sunday, Montgomery had a massive lead over third place - but a red flag allowed the field to close the gap and Montgomery finished 3rd and Rister was 4th.

June 15-18, IKF Grand National Road Races

IKF Podium

DDR customers won several spec moto classes at Eagles Canyon Raceway near Decatur Texas for the 2011 IKF Road Race Gran Nationals.  

  • SWRA Stock 125 Lite: Scott Rister 1st place, Coy Dayton 2nd.
  • SWRA Stock 125 Heavy: Coy Dayton 1st place.
  • Formula 125: Mack Dayton 2nd place.
  • SWRA Stock 125 Lite II: Mack Dayton 1st, Scott Rister 3rd.
  • SWRA Stock 125 Heavy II: Coy Dayton 1st place.
  • Formula 80 Sr. Heavy: Mike Mantel 1st place.
  • Formula 80 Sr. Heavy II: Mike Mantel 2nd place.

Call DDR for your "power to win" at road race venues!

June 17-18, PKC Race 5 Qualcomm Stadium

Race 5 was in San Diego, and several DDR customers had very good results.

  • S1:  The first race for Clinton Schoombee (Select Shifter) after switching to a CRG chassis, and Clinton finished second.  Peter Abba (Extreme Karting) finished third.
  • S2: Matias Podboj finished 4th.
  • S3: Vatche Tatakian (E Motorsports, LLC) finished 2nd, and Austin Countryman (select Shifter) finished 3rd.
  • S4: Willy Musgrave finished 2nd, and Steve Donia (Kimball Williams Racing) finished third.

June 18, San Diego Kart Club -Season Update

Bob Legate
Bob Legate, photo by Janet Lawyer

Bob Legate has won every SDKC race he entered in the Stock Moto Heavy class.  Bob with his DDR 2001 Spec Moto is on pace to repeat as class champion.  

May 13-14 PKC Race 4 Streets of Willow

Matias Podboj became the fourth different winner in S2 on the season (Photo: dromophotos.com)
Matais Podboj, photo by dromophots.com

After a few challenging SKUSA races, the DDR customers did much better at the Streets of Willow.

  • S1:  Clinton Schoombee (Select Shifter) finished second while Peter Abba (Extreme Karting) finished third.
  • S2: Congratulations to Matias Podboj for winning, as he continues the climb to be a top level driver!  Michael Lieb (Select Shifter) was third, and Vivek Tandon (Kimball Williams Racing) was fifth.
  • S3: Jessica Solberger (Select Shifter) finished second, while Vatche Tatikian (E Motorsports) finished third.
  • S4: Rob Logan (Kimball Williams Racing) lead much of the race and finished third.
  • G1: Gary Check (Select Shifter) returned to race with a modified Honda moto, and placed second.

May 14, Anderson Mayor's Cup Race

Alex Conlin

The 17th annual event was held in conjunction with a combined Great Lakes Pro Series and SKUSA Central States Challenge on the following day.  The shifter's had the largest field with 18 entries.  The overall and Pro Class win went to Alex Conlin with his DDR TM K9B powered Birel. 

April 29-May 1, SKUSA Pro Tour at Tuscon

Track and wind conditions presented challenges.  While the DDR drivers were fast, circumstances kept them just outside the podium finishes.

  • S1:  Clinton Schoombee and Ryon Beachner both were running in the top five.
  • S2: Patrick Cushenberry qualified second on Saturday and third on Sunday, but suffered from contact both days.
  • S4: Roy Montgomery, PP Mastro, Jeff Littrell, and Rob Logan were all running in the top five. But, unfortunately two S1 drivers were allowed to compete in the S4 class.  Congratulations to Roy and Rob for finishing 4th and 5th in this very competitive class.

April 30, Great Lakes Pro Series

Alec Conlin

Alex Conlin used his DDR TM K9b to power his Birel shifter for the Great Lakes 125cc Pro Shifter race.  He had a first place finish in the second heat race,  but finished second place in the final.

April 23, KRA Series an NCMP

Eric Batt sweeps the first three shifter races (and qualifying) with his 1999 DDR Spec Moto and Zanardi Kz1.

Eric Batt wins KRA #3

April 8-9, PKC Race 3 Buttonwillow

Coming into race #3 Ryon Beachner (2Wild Karting) was still looking for his first S1 win, and he swept the class.  Ryon took the pole, won both heat races and the final with his DDR power and Tony Kart chassis.

Ryon Beachner Wins S1 at Buttonwillow

  • S1: Ryon Beachner won while Clinton Schoombee was third and Peter Abba was fourth.
  • S2: Vivek Tandon of Kimball Williams Racing was second, Jason Atwood forth, and  Michael Lieb fifth (both with Team Select Shifter).
  • S3: Jessica Sollberger (Select Shifter) won the race for two victories in a row!
  • S4: PP Mastro finished 2nd and Doug Hyashi was third.  Bobby Legate placed third in S4 Magnum.

March 11-12, PKC Race 2 at Willow Springs

DDR drivers returned to form in race 2, and the results were much better - winning S1, S2, S3 and G1. 

Jessica Sollberger wins S3 - photo by dromophotos.com

  • S1: DDR Power dominated the S1 final, as Schoombee won and Giebler was close behind.  Peter Abba (Extreme Karting) finished third, Ryon Beachner (2Wild Karting) was forth.
  • S2: Vivek Tandon of Kimball Williams Racing won the race, and Michael Lieb and Jason Atwood finished third and forth (both with Team Select Shifter).

    Jessica Sollberger
    Jessica Sollberger
  • S3: Jessica Sollberger (Select Shifter) won the race, becoming the first female to win an S3 event.
  • S4: PP Mastro finished 2nd.  Mastro has quickly transitioned from a DDR ICC to a DDR Spec Moto and made his way to the podium in his first S4 race.
  • G1: Howie Idelson (G-Phactory) is a repeat winner in race 2.

February 4-5, PKC Race 1 at Adams Motorsport Park

After an outstanding 2010 season - winning nearly every PKC South Spec Moto class, Darcy is optimistic, but several DDR drivers experienced bad luck at Adams. 

Phil Giebler S1- photo by dromophotos.com

  • S1: Phil Giebler won both heat races, but was taken out at the start of the final. Peter Abba (Extreme Karting) finished second, Ryon Beachner (2Wild Karting) was third, while Clinton Schoombee (Team Select) was forth, but set fast lap!
  • S2: Vivek Tandon of Kimball Williams Racing finished third.
  • S3: Jessica Sollberger (Select Shifter) led the race and finished second.
  • S4: Wayne Mello (Pulp Racing) finished forth.
  • G1: Howie Idelson (G-Phactory) won the class!


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