DDR Racing Engines


We offer blueprinting and rebuilding services so you can "Get the Power to Win". We specialize in MOTO and ICC Shifter engines, and PRD, Leopard and Vortex Rok TaG engines.

We also do custom work and development work on 2 cycle, 4 cycle and specialized engines.

If you are located in Southern California, please call in advance if you want to bring your engine, or visit the shop. If you ship your motor, please follow these steps:

  • Close and seal all ports (inlet, exhaust, and water). Duct tape is recommended.
  • Clean the motor of heavy grease.
  • Include any other related parts (carburetor or clutch) that you want to have inspected or serviced.
  • Secure in an adequate box with padding (a UPS store should be able to assist).
  • Complete the shipping form. Include the top portion in the box, and attach (and protect) the shipping label to the outside with clear packing tape.
  • We recommend shipping Fed Ex or UPS and insuring the package for replacement cost.

Shipping Form


Ship your engine to us for a top end or complete rebuild. Print and complete our FORM, box up the motor, and ship it to us.

You can fill out the form on-line, and then print it, or fill it in with a pen after you print it.

Engine Shipping Form (52k)